There is power and beauty in our collective giving, it makes life a little easier and beautiful for others. The EMM shop is a way to reach out, share our blessings and to help others.


School Essentials

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School Environment


Gender Equity



School Essentials

With the right tools, children especially girls can learn, excel and achieve their dreams. A number of children dropout from school due to poverty and lack of essential learning tools. Help the children in rural Zimbabwe to make their dreams a reality by providing essential educational tools.


Help make the school environment conducive for learners by donating towards classroom furniture, Computer labs, construction and improvement of school blocks, construction and improvement of pit latrines and bathrooms and improve access to running water in schools.

Gender Equity

Supporting and mentoring young women helps them gain confidence, encourages learning, and provides them further opportunities, no matter where they are in the world.  Skills acquired will help them access new markets as well as lay the foundation for new generations of women in leadership. Help in the fight to close the gender equality gap by supporting programs targeted at women and girls.


To increase production and eradicate malnutrition and poverty, farmers need better access to agricultural support. Targeting support towards production activities for women will help with both.  

Crafts and Apparel

Shop our wide range of crafts and apparel, most of which are handmade by women in communities across Africa.

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