About Us

About EMM

The EMM Foundation recognizes that children need access to education, in a safe and enabling environment to help them to realize their dreams.  We strive to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children, provide mentorship and to promote self-sustenance within households. The Foundation seeks to provide development opportunities to the underprivileged children and to empower marginalized women through small enterprises and sustainable community development initiatives.

Our work is currently limited to Masvingo province where, livelihoods are generally derived from subsistence farming. Sporadic rains in the region often leads to poor yields and leaves many families unable to feed their children.  The province, like the rest of Zimbabwe, has over the years experienced its own share of economic challenges which has made it difficult for families to provide the barest minimum for their children to attend school. The HIV pandemic has also been sweeping through the area leaving many children orphaned. Poor nutrition, basically inadequate learning materials and proper clothing are some of the major factors that affect children’s attendance in school. Some children are pushed into early marriages and child labour in the hope to make ends meet.

Our Objectives

The Foundation’s benevolent objectives mainly targets underprivileged school children and women within the communities. It focuses on:

Providing vital educational support to underprivileged children (scholarships, and mentorship).

Improve the school environment (infrastructure, water and sanitation, teaching resources)

Addressing barriers that keep children from attending school (adequate clothing, menstrual health, adequate nutrition and learning materials)

Promote self-sustenance within households (entrepreneurship and agricultural support)

Our Trusties